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Author 1 name阿博都巴哈
Title of item《阿博都巴哈的遗嘱》
Editor, translator, etc.兆元 万, translator
Publisher of this edition 澳门: 新纪元国际出版社
Date of this edition2005
Language of this editionChinese-Simplified
Date first posted2008-08-30
First posted byMengmeng
Primary CollectionAbdu’l-Bahá
Secondary CollectionBlank
Abstract《阿博都巴哈的遗嘱》实质上是巴哈欧拉圣约的具体体现和延续。它对关乎信仰的诸多重大事项作出了明确的规定, 从而对以后巴哈伊信仰的发展壮大提供了至为关键的指引和保障。
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